Roman Archaeology Group

Perth, Western Australia

Letter to RAG Members – July 2014

9 July 2014

Dear RAG Members


We have had another highly successful year and more to follow.


We had a series of lectures over three Saturdays in our Summer programme on such topics as the ‘Mint of Rome under Trajan’ and the ‘Emperor Justinian’. Many thanks to the speakers who – as always, give over their time to prepare a lecture and turn out on a Saturday afternoon to entertain and enlighten us. Michael Champion, Sandra Ottley, John Melville-Jones and – particularly welcome, one of our RAG Travel Scholarship winners, Rebecca Norman.


I am now putting together the programme for Winter 2014 and at the moment expect a Saturday lecture in early September and another on 11 October. The latter is easier as I will be doing both lectures the day before I leave for three weeks in Jordan. Possible topics are ‘Spartacus’, ‘Walking the Via Appia’, ‘What is new in Roman Britain’. For the earlier session we have had an offer from Bill Leadbetter to talk to us about the Roman palaces of Serbia (where he has just been). As a taster for 2015, we have Norah to thank for arranging to have Guy de la Bédoyère talk to us again – Saturday 11th April 2015 (more on that later).


We had a large crop of applicants for Travel Scholarships this year and eventually awarded grants to five students – the largest number ever. Once they are back from their travels we will start to hear from each of them as required by the terms of the grant. There will be brief reports in the next RAG magazine.


A new 16-page RAG magazine is in progress – the second of this calendar year. As always, we welcome contributions from Members – or just ideas for possible items. The tireless Rebecca Banks is the Mistress of the Magazine with Norah the Postmistress Extraordinary.


Rebecca is due to go to Oxford for all of August and September to work on my Aerial Photographic Archive project and she will then be in Jordan for all of October for our next flying season; Don Boyer will be in Jordan about the same time working on his own PhD research around Jarash.


In Oxford Rebecca will start to see prospective new colleagues for this project being recruited. With its move from UWA to the Institute of Archaeology in Oxford we also had to find new funding for the project. Happily a private trust in Britain has stepped up to the plate and awarded a grant of US$2 million over the next two years to fund part of the work. The grant has to go to University of Oxford and we expect to hire 8-10 additional research staff.


It is time now to renew your Membership for the 2014-15 year. We have maintained the cost at the same level – unchanged since we started RAG in 2004! Norah will add a PS to this letter with precise instructions.


I look forward to seeing you all again at our Winter sessions.


Best wishes




RAG Application Formpdf_icon

Send the completed form to:

(The membership year is from July to June)

The Treasurer
C/- PO Box 1941
Subiaco, WA 6904

You can pay by:
· cheque made payable to the Roman Archaeology Group Inc.
· direct deposit to Westpac Banking Corporation, BSB 036054, Account No. 180160, description/name “[YOUR NAME] RAG”


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