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East of Jordan – Travellers ‘East of Jordan’ in the 19th Century.

For those who enjoyed the lecture “‘East of Jordan’ 19th Century Exploration & Travel” presented by David Kennedy to the Roman Archaeology Group on 8th February you may be interested in following a new blog David has created to share stories and fascinating finds as he continues his research into those intrepid travellers who made the journey east of the River Jordan. 

Visit the ‘East of Jordan’ blog.

‘East of Jordan’ is the title of an upcoming book about 19th century western travellers who made the journey into what is now Jordan. Of particular interest are those who went to Petra, the remarkable Nabataean and Roman city and wonder of the world rediscovered to the West by Burckhardt in 1812, and those who explored the Roman cities and villages of the Decapolis in the northwest. The journals, diaries, sketches, paintings and photographs offer insights into their remarkable experiences, hardships and delights in a mysterious and ancient land, and the peoples and places encountered.


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