Roman Archaeology Group

Perth, Western Australia

Upcoming Lectures by Guy de la Bédoyère and Don Boyer.

Saturday 11th April, 2015.
10:30am – c.1:30pm
Social Science Lecture Theatre, UWA.

10:30am – ‘The Real Lives of Roman Britain’ – Guy de la Bédoyère.
“Guy is a British historian who has published widely on Roman Britain and other subjects; he is well known to Australians from the archaeological television series Time Team. Guy will be talking about his latest book, ‘The Real Lives of Roman Britain’, which takes a look at the individual human experience of living in Britain during the Roman era, whether that meant being a soldier, officer’s wife, slave girl, child or a host of other attested personalities that survive in the record. There will be a twenty minute Q & A session after his talk.

11:45am – Tea break.

12:15pm – ‘The impact of earthquakes on Gerasa and other cities of the Decapolis’ – Don Boyer.
The Greco-Roman cities of the Decapolis in northern Jordan and Israel lie close to the Dead Sea Transform – an active earthquake zone. The ruined condition of these cities is usually explained as the result of historical earthquakes rather than human impact. This talk will look at the historical and archaeological evidence and aslo at the modern view that a major earthquake is long overdue.


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