Roman Archaeology Group

Perth, Western Australia

Roman Britain – The Works of Giants Crumbled. Free documentary/podcast.

Here’s a documentary on Roman Britain that I hope will be of interest:

“Sometime in the eighth or ninth century, somewhere on the island of Great Britain, an unknown British poet clambered through the rubble of an overgrown ruin. Like so many people from this age, which has been called the ‘Dark Ages’, we don’t know this poet’s name. We don’t know when they were born or when they died, even where they’re from.

But they wrote a poem in the language of Old English that survived to this day, and that poem gives us a glimpse into the lost and decaying world they inhabited. It was a world of mystery scattered with the enormous crumbling ruins of a bygone age.”

A vast ruined bath house, a fire-damaged poem and a world teetering on the brink of collapse. In this episode, we look at the collapse of Roman Britain. Find out how a great civilization grew up almost overnight on the island of Britannia, how it endured the test of centuries against barbarian invasions and foolish rulers, and what happened after its final dramatic collapse.

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