Roman Archaeology Group

Perth, Western Australia

‘Sacking Rome’ and ‘Nero and the Senate’


The next meeting of the Roman Archaeology Group will take place on 1st of May 2021, in the Alexander Lecture Theatre at UWA, starting at 1:30. As always, the lectures are free and open to the public.

Sacking Rome: From Brennus to Bonaparte
David Kennedy
One of the most famous – and shocking, events in Roman history was the capture and sack of the great city in AD 410 by an army of Goths. News of the event sent shock-waves across the empire and beyond and has often been seen as marking an inflection point in Rome’s history. The event itself was both more and less than it seems at first sight. Moreover, it was neither the first nor the last occasion when Rome was captured and sacked. The lecture will look at several other instances, not least the disgraceful one in AD 1527.

Nero and the Senate
Sandra Ottley
A wise emperor was careful to ensure the support of three key groups in society: the army (especially the Praetorian Guard in Rome itself), the population of the city of Rome (who could exert immediate pressure on him) and the Senate (his peers, the group from which he was usually drawn and the sole remaining functioning element of the traditional ‘Senate and the People of Rome’). In this lecture I will be concentrating primarily on the last of them and on the role played by the Great Fire of Rome as discussed in a recent book by Anthony Barret, The Burning of Rome.

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