Roman Archaeology Group

Perth, Western Australia

Saturday, 9th October. Roman Archaeology Group Lectures.

Saturday, 9th October 1:30pm.
UWA Arts Building, Alexander Lecture Theatre.

Sacking Rome: From Brennus to Bonaparte– David Kennedy.
One of the most famous – and shocking, events in Roman history was the capture and sack of the great city in AD 410 by an army of Goths. News of the event sent shock-waves across the empire and beyond and has often been seen as marking an inflection point in Rome’s history.
The event itself was both more and less than it seems at first sight. Moreover, it was neither the first nor the last occasion when Rome was captured and sacked. The lecture will look at several other instances, not least the disgraceful one in AD 1527.

Ruling the Roman Empire – Dr Christopher Mallan.
How was the Roman Empire governed during the principate? What were the challenges facing would-be administrators? How did provincial populations engage with the ruling power?
This lecture will address these questions (and others) by focussing on some of inscriptional (i. e. epigraphic) evidence for Roman imperial administration during the Principate.

NB: While we have not yet reinstated the usual afternoon fare or the raffle, coffee and tea will be available at no charge. Please feel free to bring your own cup if you prefer.

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