Roman Archaeology Group

Perth, Western Australia

Travel Scholarship

The University of Western Australia
School of Humanities
Classics & Ancient History



Applications are invited for a Don Boyer – Roman Archaeology Travel Scholarship. The Scholarship is up to $5,000 towards the cost of travel from Australia. In certain circumstances awardees may also benefit from coverage under the University’s corporate travel insurance policy. Current scholarships are funded by Mr. Don Boyer and by the Roman Archaeology Group.

(1) All current enrolled students of the University of Western Australia who will have successfully completed at least one unit in Roman history or archaeology (CLAN2002, CLAN3006, CLAN3007, CLAN3008) by the time of travel are eligible to apply.
(2) Preference may be given to senior students or to those who would not otherwise be able to participate or who are not eligible for support from other university sources.
(3) Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the academic merit of the project and financial need.

(1) The Travel Scholarships are intended to assist current UWA students to participate for a period of at least four weeks in a programme of approved fieldwork in a Roman archaeology project and will normally be used to cover travel costs.
(2) “Fieldwork” will normally mean excavation or ground survey but applicants with other ideas for obtaining significant practical experience with the material culture of the Roman world are encouraged to present their ideas to the Scholarship Committee.
(3) At the discretion of the Scholarship Committee a scholarship may be used to enable students to join a Roman Archaeology study tour run by the School of Humanities.

Applications must include:
· A cover sheet stating name, student number, contact details including e-mail address, title of project and dates of intended travel.
· Not more than one type A4 page describing the intended fieldwork (place, director(s), duration, role) in adequate detail to allow an evaluation of the applicant’s planning skills, expectations and ability to meet the other expense associated with the fieldwork.
· A brief project budget setting out the various expected costs, the overall total and the potential source(s) of income.
A PDF copy of your application must be submitted to Dr Mallan (, Dr L. O’Sullivan ( and Emeritus Professor Kennedy ( of the School of Humanities (Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education) by noon of the 30 April in any given year.

Scholarship winners are required to submit a brief report to the committee within 3 months of completion of the project. It is expected that applicants will be Members of the Roman Archaeology Group and will present an account for publication by RAG at its discretion.

For further information contact: Dr Mallan ( or Emeritus Professor David Kennedy (

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