Roman Archaeology Group

Perth, Western Australia

La Trobe Archaeology seminar at 8:30 pm on Thursday, 31st March (AEDT)

Dear Roman Archaeology Group Members, friends, and followers. We have been sent information about an upcoming La Trobe Archaeology seminar you may find of interest:

“Please feel free to join our upcoming seminar and send the details to your members: La Trobe Archaeology seminar at 8:30 pm on Thursday, 31st March (Australian Eastern Daylight Time [AEDT])

Log in to see Professor Martin Millett (University of Cambridge) present ‘Falerii Novi, the impact of high-resolution Ground Penetrating Radar on understanding a Roman Republican city’.

Our co-host for the session will is Professor Ray Laurence (Macquarie University). Professor Laurence’s work is characterised by a cross-disciplinary interest that renders it accessible to architects, landscape historians and geographers. He has won the Routledge Ancient History Prize for his first book Roman Pompeii: Space and Society, and the Longman-History Today New Generation Prize for his book Pompeii: The Living City.

Register and automatically obtain your link for this webinar at:

When registering you will receive your Zoom link to join the webinar.

Please note that our sessions are live events and are not recorded.”

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